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Wir Tanzen w/ Under black helmet - I hate models - Sifres

Wir Tanzen w/ Under black helmet - I hate models - Sifres

vrijdag 02 december 2016

Overpoortstraat 76, 9000 Gent

23:00 (einde rond 12:00)
club night

€ 10


We’ve got 2 “newcomers” in the scene for our next edition. Under Black Helmet released his first EP Mute in 2015 and immediately got picked up by the big boys (e.g. Jeff Mills). More impressive stuff from him will follow soon on Mørbeck’s label Code Is Law. The same goes for I Hate Models who received massive support for his release on the upcoming Arts label. Both artists are playing for the first time in Belgium so don’t miss this! As usual we’ve got a 2nd banging room, this time with Sifres as the main man. In the 3rd room we invited the magical AfrWhat again.

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ MAIN: Techno ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅

Under Black Helmet [UK - Code Is Law]

I Hate Models [FR - ARTS / Pls.Uk]

double u jay [Hertz]

Distanz live [New talent]

Man Outta Space [Wir Tanzen]

Visuals by 5AM

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ VISA: Acid / HC ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅

Sifres [NL - PDK - Dj set]

Dj Ignite [Retro Acid]

Metamorph [Narcosis]


Drinko [Wir Tanzen]

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ ZANZI by AftrWhat ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅

NATASJA [AftrWhat]

RKL - Rich Kid on Lsd [AftrWhat]

KAGGE & BOWEN [AftrWhat]

Dimitri L'Entree [Zun Inn]

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ INFO ▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅
Decadance - Overpoortstraat 76 - 9000 Gent
Friday 2/12/2016
Doors 23h00

Artwork by Phaze Øne

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