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Future Acid

Future Acid

zaterdag 03 maart 2018

de Vooruit
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, 9000 Gent

23:00 (einde rond 6:00)

€ 15
€ 19


Acid music developed around the mid-1980s in Chicago, where the very first acid records were launched. The deep basslines and killing 303 sounds went overseas and were loved by clubbers and ravers over here.

20 Years ago, we felt an uncontrolled urge to throw a party to celebrate the underground sounds of the famous Roland 303. Retro Acid, Belgium’s longest running and premier acid event.

Back then, acid music was noted as old skool. The genre has evolved over the years from acid house over acid techno to acid core. We feel that the word "retro" no longer covers the load. Acid has become very relevant and innovating.

At our next rave, we’ll take you on a journey through acid’s huge evolution and revolution. We believe that Acid is the Future and the Future is Acid!

Prepare yourself for a wonderful line-up on the perfect acid date: 303!


Ϟ Boston 168 Live (Odd Even, Involve, Enemy Rec. IT)
Ϟ Minimum Syndicat Live (Rave or die, Minimum Syndicat, Tripalium Rec. FR)
Ϟ Johnfaustus Live (Obs.cur, Neurotrope, Pure analog. FR)
Ϟ Arkanoid Live (Binary Bassline, Zodiak Commune, Communiqué Music. BE)
Ϟ TRiXY (Decadance, Lab.105dB. BE)
Ϟ Spacid (Retro Acid, Kozzmozz, FGA. BE)

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