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FOXVILLE BOATPARTY▲ Sat. 4/10 @ Badboot, Antwerp

FOXVILLE BOATPARTY▲ Sat. 4/10 @ Badboot, Antwerp

zaterdag 04 oktober 2014

Kattendijkdok, Oostkaai, 2000 Antwerpen

23:00 (einde rond 6:00)

€ 8


► FOXVILLE is a concept for women and friends


are you ready for a foxy time?


✘ NEW LOCATION: Foxville is now a boatparty (!
✘ Free parking around the venue
✘ €8 before midnight / €10 after
✘ Doors 23h

Don’t know what to expect of FOXVILLE? Check out the video of the last edition here:



Elisabeth Barber is DJ A-LECTRIC at night. She started deejaying in 2009 and made quite the name since. Nadiem Shah (Studio Brussels) called her one of the most talented female deejays of Belgium.

A-LECTRIC on the World Wide Web:


✘ 1-3 K-OZ (Club Exquis, NOXX, Daydream festival)

As an all-round talent, K-oz brings you the best house, club, r&b, hiphop and drum&bass sounds you all love so much!
Made guest-appearances at: Noxx, Kokorico, Red&Blue, Maxxies, E-Motion (Lagoa), Beachland, Daydream Festival, Tri’eau, Lazarus Club, Lime Club, a hell of a lot parties and he has worked for JimTv & VtmKzoom.
He’s also the weekly resident of Club Exquis on saturdays, and Baradouz Bar, and he has his own radioshow on Radio NRK 107,5 FM (Antwerp Region) every saturdaynigt at 22:00H!
He plays a gentle mix between House, Club, R&B and TOP50.

K-OZ on the World Wide Web :

✘ 3-5 NEGLECTIK (MNM, Marktrock, Cityparade, Nijdrop)

Enter in style… Go out with a bang!
Passionate about music this DJ knows how to keep you bouncing.
Expect the unexpected, a mash-up of eclectic music. Urban, dirty house, b-more, electro, dubstep and DnB are blended into a fresh cocktail which makes you go Whoop Whoop.
His motto “Enter in style, go out with a bang” has already gotten him behind the
decks at MNM radio station, Cityparade, Marktrock, Casino Kursaal, Decadance and many others.
Current residencies: Nijdrop (Opwijk), Toekoer (Aalst), Frequency (radio
show, SpitsFM)

NEGLECTIK on the World Wide Web :

▲ Directions

For those who are coming over by car, please find all directions here:

For those who are coming over by other means, please find all directions here:

▲ Parking

BADBOOT offers free parking around the venue.

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