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Payday # 3 w/ AMyn & Beazar

Payday # 3 w/ AMyn & Beazar

zaterdag 05 maart 2016

Factor Club (voormalig Kant)
Kraanplein 6, 8000 Brugge

23:00 (einde rond 5:00)
techno fuif

€ 7


Our third edition will take place on 5 March 2016!

We welcome you again at Factor Club in Bruges for a selection of the best house and techno tunes brought to you by four cracking artists!

A mainstay at our Payday parties, Redacteur will yet again bring you a blend of house and techno. Check out a piece of his set at our last party on his Soundcloud page!

Since 2003 Lexic has managed to find the sounds of the cities even in the most desolate Western fields of Belgium. He has created a fine balance between what you want to hear and what you must hear. Deep tunes and tech house grooves all bundled in his own specific sound and played out loud in the most prominent clubs and festivals in Belgium.
Last time he played a cracking set and he was willing to join us again this time around!

AMyn emerges as part of a strong streak of new European producers. As a kid of musical parents and enjoying an early music education, the urge to create his own tunes was always there. Growing up lacking any tutoring of the technical side of things he had to teach himself the essence of making electronic music. After releasing on 'Mothership' very early on and remixing for high level labels such as 'Trapez', he started playing livesets with a strong focus on dance floor oriented minimal tunes, which caught a lot of attention and praise throughout the years. Nonetheless, he does not confine himself solely to one style. AMyn managed to surprise everyone with his highly regarded 'slow song' explorations which are bundled on his forthcoming debut album 'Side Of Golden You'. Looking for a platform to release more material and to give talented yet unknown artists a chance he decided to start the Moodfamily label with close friend Beazar. His deep interest in sound design combined with a love for melancholy makes his tunes a unique and memorable combination. Always developing his sound, his only goal is to evoke an emotion or feeling for the listener by telling his story through the music.

Living in Ghent, Belgium, Beazar co-promotes the Roots of Minimal parties, heads the Moodfamily imprint with good friend AMyn, releases on a regular basis under the Stavroz alter ego and runs his own Waves & Posers studio where he puts his sonic thumbprint on several artists. All these influences combined with being taught music in youth and exploring electronic music since 2004, allowed him to develop a style that has intricate beats and melodic phases while it twists at exactly the right time.

Lest we forget ... a very kind and warm shout-out to the epic Carton, who once again did an excellent job and provided us with the eye-candy artwork you can admire here.

Door sale only: €7

Ain't no day like Payday!

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