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vrijdag 06 september 2013

Casino Danscafé
Brugstraat 21, 3740 Bilzen

22:00 (einde rond 5:00)
club night

€ 5


Another Big Name coming to Bilzen : 2DIRTY

After 10 successful years as solo-artist, DJ’s Jochem and G-Roam decided to collaborate in a project which soon obtained a prominent position in the Belgian and Dutch dance scene. Going by the name of 2Dirty, these two gentleman quickly invaded all well-known clubs, bars and festivals in the region, smashing up all soundsystems and taking their audience to highs they never experienced before.
Their first track ‘Climax in my Head’ (2008) soon turned out to be a real chartbuster in Holland and Belgium, with prominent positions in the Dutch Single Top 100 and Dance-tunes Top 100. Since then, their productions appeared on several compilation-CDs, such as Sensation White Belgium and Mysteryland 2009.
With an ever growing group of supporters and fans, they seem unstoppable, eager to show everybody the 2Dirty experience ! Go out there, and see for yourself why we can expect a lot from these guys the upcoming years !

Previously performed @ :

Tomorrowland, Extrema Outdoor , Solar Festival, City Parade Belgium, Dancetour, Noxx, At The Villa Group, Atmoz, La Rocca, Illusion, Bozzinni, Neverland festival, Castle of love festival, Sneakerz, Pempkez Beatz and many more.

Coming to our club to build a hell of a party and maybe celebrating Red Devils Victory after their important game against Scotland.

This game can be watched on big screens in the center of Bilzen.

Entrance : 5€, no presales.

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