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Kortsluiting w. Tom Trago & Pisetzky - 07.04 - Kompass Klub

Kortsluiting w. Tom Trago & Pisetzky - 07.04 - Kompass Klub

vrijdag 07 april 2017

Ottergemsesteenweg-zuid 717A, 9000 Gent

23:00 (einde rond 7:00)
club night

€ 12
€ 18


⚡ Kortsluiting w/ Tom Trago, Pisetzky, Memorial Home, Nathan Neslany & Lunår ⚡

Kortsluiting is heading to Kompass Klub for the 3rd edition.

We would like to take you on a unique journey with visuals that will show you all the emotions and sensations one goes through when experiencing a musical trip.

The moment our souls leave our bodies to connect with the surroundings, that's what we call 'Kortsluiting'

With lots of enthusiasm we hereby present you our line-up

⚡ Tom Trago (NL, Voyage Direct)

Tom Trago’s relationship with music has always been particularly intense. “I couldn’t imagine life without music,” he says. “I feel this physical need to make music every day. It’s like my body needs it as much as it needs food, water or sunshine.”

By the time local label Rush Hour snapped up his debut single, “Live With The BBQ”, in 2006, he’d already developed a trademark style that blended the best of three decades of dance music – disco, boogie, synth funk, Detroit techno and more – with insatiable house rhythms and an intrinsic grasp of what makes dancefloors tick.

His immersion in music may be total, but Tom Trago’s musical journey is far from complete. In fact, it’s only just begun...

⚡ PISETZKY (IT / Just This)

Music architect Pisetzky loves to get deep into bass lines of different sound dimensions, with a style that is powerful and melancholic, moving hearts and minds into multi layered soundscapes.

As a producer he has released an EP in 2015 on Just This which has been played and supported by all the biggest djs, such as Tale of Us, Dixon, Laurent Garnier, Mind Against, Dubfire, Marco Carola, Scuba, Mano le Tough and many more. Additionally, he has released a collaboration track with Hunter/Game on Last Night on Earth, which broke into the top charts.

In the darkness of his studio, on the hottest dancefloors, Pisetzky shakes souls and bodies deeply with his dogged rhythms.

⚡ Memorial Home (FR/BE, Venom Recordings)

Memorial Home is a Barcelona-based DJ & production partnership formed in 2016 by Paul Roux (France) & Jeremy Pinchasi (Belgium). Founders of the independent label Venom Recordings, they have joined their talent and inspiration to create a proper and unique sound, characterized by a blend of cinematic, ambient and experimental techno flavors. Memorial Home reveals and shares a refined taste for deep, pure and melodic tales, which trigger powerful emotions that are personal to each of us.

Their debut track “The Wall”, released in 2016 on Venom, had already gained the enthusiastic attention of dedicated diggers and connoisseurs from the electronic music scene. In 2017, the duo remixed Dasein’s track “Zodiac”, included on their EP “Prometheus” alongside a remix by VII Circle, which was released in vinyl on Venom. This is only the beginning of a promising journey and much more is yet to come from Memorial Home’s inspired minds.

⚡ Nathan Neslany (BE / House Grand Cru Rec.)

This 26 year-old DJ and producer started his DJ career approximately 12 years ago. Everything started when playing the piano and drums as a small boy. A few years later he concluded that he had a unique sense of rhythm and music in general.

Nathan’s debut release “Gand” - in collaboration with his good friend Wanvel - released on House Grand Cru Records in March 2015, was a step forward in his career. After great feedback and support by big names in the underground music scene like Maya Jane Coles, Steve Lawler, Richie Hawtin, Ante Perry, Kruse & Nuernberg and more, we can assure you that he isn’t standing still.

⚡ Lunår (BE / Kübe)

A Lunar set is a coherent piece of meticulously mixed house music, propelled by a melodic core and with a very natural understanding of how a set should progress. Slower bits move and twist around a forward pushing pulse, leading to an imploding climax. There is a clear love for Italo-disco, German synth pop, arpeggio’s and warm throbbing baselines. This is ecstasy


⚡ T I C K E T S ⚡

Early Birds €8
First wave €12
Second wave €15
Groupsticket ( 5 tickets ) 50€

Online tickets ⚡ ⚡


PICTURES BY A R T I C L E 17 ( Nicolas Legein )

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