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National CREAMM Reunion

National CREAMM Reunion

zaterdag 09 juni 2012

Areaz Eventhall
Grote Baan 108, 9100 St-Niklaas

23:00 (einde rond 7:00)

€ 10
€ 10


zaterdag 9 juni 2012
23:00 tot 8:00
"Queen of Clubs", Grote Baan 108, Sint Niklaas
Welcome all !Creammers for our Third Edition of the !Creamm Reunion "National Chapter"
This time our Reunion is hosted in “Queen of Clubs”, Grote Baan 108, Sint Niklaas!

The success of “!Creamm” exceeded expectations in the past and we are ready to turn your world upside down in the future..
Our first & second Reunions were massive and we are very exited to relive the precious moments we all shared together!

!CREAMM became a phenomenon a legend has been created and we thank all who have experienced this chapter in our lives!

So here we are....ment to stay and very much alive & kicking!!!

Are you ready for the next level?
Come and join us for the big !Creamm Reunion @ Queen of Clubs

Be part of this Legendary Night, together with following !CREAMMERS:

✪ ALEC (Creamm - Maxx - The Creamminals)
✪ TOFKE (Creamm - La Rocca - The Creamminals)
✪ YOUNES (Creamm - Maxx - The Creamminals)
✪ MOUSA (Disco Dasco - Creamm)
✪ STIJN (Space - Creamm)
✪ DAVE (BBC - Creamm)
✪ THIERRY (Insomnia Nights - Club Lux)
✪ MARIO (Insomnia Nights - Club Lux)
✪ MIKE THOMPSON (Cherry Moon - Creamm)

SPREAD the news! Gather your party friends!!!
& let's see you all Saturday 9th of June at !Creamm Reunion
at "Queen of Clubs"!

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