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Arabeatz III

Arabeatz III

zaterdag 12 november 2011

Jeugdhuis Dino
Kasteeldreef 75, 9920 Lovendegem

20:00 (einde rond 5:00)

€ 3


Heyho drumheads!

This year, we can proudly present yet another edition of Arabeatz. And we assure you that we will continue in giving you an amazing night, just like our reputation promises. This year there are some small adjustments. Due to circumstances Arabeatz will take place in JH Dino and not in “De Akkerhoeve”. Because of that we can offer you a second room! In this room you can enjoy some more relaxing beats than in our main room. In other words it is an ideal place to chill out.

Speaking of the main stage, this year an MC will pump up the crowd with his amazing lyrics. The past years we gave you names like D-Convict and Crossfire. And this year we want to give you even better names. With Vicelord and Hookerz we give you two DJ’s who will throw their pounding beats right back at you! Beside these two your ears will also be blessed with the music from Trasher Kru. They’re especially known from the bustling event Drum&Bassics.

For this occasion we could also reunite Eskey&Sallow, the brain behind Stepping Bass. Besides old friend Wiseguy, we offer you the people behind Arabeatz: Read Terror&Nurdy and Slip’n’Slide, who will make the crowd scream for more.

In short: be there or be square!

//Line up//

*Slip 'n Slide (Arabeatz, Slenne uit den haak, Quickstep, Drum 'n Bassics)
DJ set:

*Wiseguy (D-Fect, Skunkstep, Decadance Wingbeats, Stepping Bass, Steam)

*Trasher Kru (Drum 'n Bassics, Boem Klets, Skunkstep)
DJ set:

*Hookerz (Steam, Stealth Bombers, Laundry Day 2011, Tomorrowland 2011, Star Warz XL, Forest Festival, Wasted)
DJ set:

*Vicelord (Deadline, Stepping Bass, Laundry Day, Stealth Bombers)
DJ set:

*Eskey & Sallow (Stepping Bass, Steam, Stealth Bombers, Skunkstep, Minus One 11.11.11)
DJ set:

*Read Terror B2B Nurdy (Arabeatz, Quickstep, Minus One 11.11.11)

Hosted by MC Mush (Steam, Wasted, Forest Festival, Star Warz, Conform, Laundry Day2011, Tomorrowland 2011)

Damage: €3!!

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