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zaterdag 16 augustus 2014

Boterhoek 8, 9920 Lovendegem

21:00 (einde rond 4:00)

€ 10
€ 14


The ultimate sumer party!
This year even bigger with 3 stages: the brand new Pool Arena. Enjoy a cocktail at our swimming pool, drink champagne in one of the Jacuzzi's or go wild in the Mainroom or Hardroom. With not less than 17 artists performing, such as:
Yellow Claw, Mark with a K, Maxim Lany, Nicolaz, LNY TNZ, David Latour, Demon Phunk, Nathan Fix, Les Mecs, Hi-Mode, Mark Junior, Meffew, ANTCY, L-Bossa, Wanvel, Chintoq and MC Toxicalz.
Don't miss Poolparty 2014!

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