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Payday #5 w/ Mike Tohr & Nick Bril

Payday #5 w/ Mike Tohr & Nick Bril

zaterdag 18 maart 2017

Factor Club (voormalig Kant)
Kraanplein 6, 8000 Brugge

23:00 (einde rond 5:00)

€ 8


“Never change a winning formula”, said someone somewhere at some point in time. So, for our fifth edition, we maintain our focus on deep and melodic house and techno. With Mike Tohr and Nick Bril, we have invited two dj's that really fit the bill. Scroll down to read more about them. Joining them is our resident Redacteur who will be opening the night.

► When? 18th of March

► Where? Factor Club

► Doors open @ 23h

► Entrance: 8 euro (door sale only)


Mike Tohr

There are only a few artists in the scene with such an unique sound as Mike Tohr.
As a dj and producer he combines a deep and melodic vibe with the sounds of mother earth. He had a constant desire to escape the city and record samples in the vast natural landscape. This makes his tracks feel like a journey through an untouched area. His intimate and atmospheric productions gave Mike Tohr the opportunity to release his art on labels such as Atmosphere Records and Subjekt Recordings. His nature samples and analog synthesizers got him noticed by the popular blog Deep House Amsterdan which resulted in an exclusive collaboration with the platform.
On the dancefloor Mike Tohr translates the enigmatic sound of his music into a journey by selecting the right tracks. He takes the crowd on an emotional but danceable trip through the deepest part of his musical ideas. Expect a blend of deep and melodic house and techno.
Mike Tohr has played at a wide range of clubs and parties such as Ampere, Labyrinth Club, Piaf, Klub Goud, Forty Five, Thé Dansant, Ketaloco and Søndag.

Nick Bril

While prominently known as owner/head chef of The Jane Antwerp, Nick Bril is also a music addict. For example, the restaurant's kitchen is fitted with a sound system so he can listen to electronic music whilst working.
Nick Bril started to dj three years ago and soon realized that mixing music is very similar to cooking. A focus on creating an experience which is an expression of style and taste. A continuous search for a more refined sound.His sets travel between deep house, deep tech and a more rustique techno sound, melodic and emotional.
Meanwhile, his dj career has lifted off with gigs at clubs and festivals all over Belgium like Cafe d’Anvers, Wecandance, La Rocca, Labyrinth Club, Tomorrowland, Extrema Outdoor, Ampere and of course behind the decks at The Upper Room Bar at the Jane Antwerp.


A mainstay at our Payday parties, Redacteur will yet again bring you a blend of deep melodic sounds.

Ain't no day like Payday!

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