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D(rum&ba)SS at Rumba Leuven

D(rum&ba)SS at Rumba Leuven

vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Kiekenstraat 6, 3000 Leuven

23:00 (einde rond 5:00)

€ 2
€ 3



Louvain drum & bass concept on a regular base!

€2 < 0h < €3


° TRY ONE (Isle of dnb, Steam, Hands Up)
Leuven based drum & bass dj using only vinyl based on the more deeper d&b and promotor of the Isle of Dnb nights in Leuven.

° GONKY (Suikerrock, Soundcheck)

° SIMSKAI (Meltdown, Young Talent, Bassjunkdigital)
Dj/Producer from Leuven, Belgium. Producer of various genre's (Dnb, house,..).

° TEEZER (Laundry Day, Marktrock, Loaded)
Organizer of Loaded and D(rum&ba)SS. Started his career at the former Machine Klub 5 years ago, with concepts like God Shave The Queen and Drumfever, inviting names like Tantrum Desire, Bar 9, The Others, Roksonix, Sensai, Total Science, etc.
Started with Loaded in 2010, when Machine Klub closed it's doors. Loaded stands for quality drum and bass, dubstep and trap, in Louvain, on a regular base, trying to invite known names aswell as young talents.

/// OPENS AT 23u00
/// ENTRANCE only 2 euro before midnight !¬if_t=like

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