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~ Imagine ~

~ Imagine ~

vrijdag 27 april 2012

fuifzaal ' t hofeind
hofeinde, 2330 Merksplas

21:00 (einde rond 4:00)

€ 6


::: IMAGINE - FRIDAY 27 APRIL 2012 - 'T Hofeinde Merksplas :::

In a world of dreams and mystery, deluxe style and juicy feelings we now bring you ~Imagine~

A forthcoming feeling we’ll take over your senses, creating ones more that Latin flavor, that off the hook dirty sensation of house music.

Get dressed up, get your body in fly mode and get ready for one hell of a party, because we’re throwing some of the hottest deejay’s at you.

1. Introducing you in to this crazy evening is the young upcoming talent
Houseworkx ( Daydream, Juicy, Le Cirq ) and Manuccii

2. Responsible for the funky beats we have
Mr. Sam ( Noxx, VIP-Room )

3. Bringing groovy and urban house tunes, the unbelievable and mr. cool himself
Ian Prada ( Rich & Famous, La Rocca )

4. And the absolute treat for your ears has to be
Moonflower ( Tomorrowland, Carré )

And this for a presale price of 6€, hold on to this ticket because it gets you a discount at Fashion Factory for the same amount of 6€. How sweet is that…

# Get your presale at Café Dépôt -Turnhout- and Fashion Factory -Merksplas- More information soon at

So lovely people we’re expecting you on your most sexy and best behavior, because this night is yours….

Imagine that!

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