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zaterdag 28 februari 2015

Krush Club
Monacoplein, 8400 Oostende

23:00 (einde rond 6:30)
techno fuif

€ 5
€ 8



▮ AMyn Live (Moodfamily I Be)

▮ Nathan Øye (Brüxsel Jardin Records, Fuse I Be)

▮ Madriko (Roots Of Minimal I Be)

▮ A-Bat (elektronic#waffle I Be)


Entrance// €5< midnight >€8


Electronic#waffle made in Belgium will serve you minimal/techno artists from our talent full little country.

For this edition we invite producer AMyn from Moodfamily / Roots Of Minimal who has a vision synonymous with emotion and depth. Stories should be told, tracks are tailored to perfection from sexy floor fillers to dark downtempo vibes.

Nathan Øye is a young producer living in Brussels. Combining groovy rythms with hypnotic dubby melodies is his trademark.
Early 2015 he will be making his debut EP on his own imprint Brüxsel Jardin Records.

U can choose if you want your waffle with minimal sugar or the whole deal with cream and chocolate...
We will waffle you up with the bleeps and beeps in style.
Belgium Style!!!

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