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Sound of Mash (Ladies Deluxe Edition)

Sound of Mash (Ladies Deluxe Edition)

vrijdag 29 maart 2013

OC de Cerf
Kerkplein, 8560 Gullegem

20:30 (einde rond 4:15)

€ 6


Prepare yourself for the next Sound of Mash.
An amazing night: to remember, to be famous and to shine like a diamond!

** Kriek Max €1
** Win every hour a bottle of bubbles!
** Cheaper entrance for the ladies (-€1)
** First 50 ladies in fancy clothing get a free drink

The night's hosts are:

- No trixx (Finalist 'MNM Start to deejay', NOXX, Culture Club)
- R-Evolution (Overpoort 'Pi-Nuts, Tam Tam', Mexican Rave Party, Café 56)
- Allstarz (Residents)
- Dj Debute (Young talent)

PRESALE PLACES: Café den Hert (Heule), Café den Osse (Gullegem), Café 56 (Kortrijk), het Gullegems frietje

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