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Drukwerk voor jouw fuif

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woensdag 31 december 2014

Zaal St- Bavo
Schoolstraat 66, 9500 Geraardsbergen

23:00 (einde rond 6:00)

€ 15
€ 15


Anno is a new party concept to make
the start of a new year truly memorable.

People who like a blend of style and careless fun
will feel at home at our trendy event!

This is what Anno2015 has to offer:

*** Classy setting

*** Spectacular light & lasershow

*** Special effects

*** Fingerfood & snacks to get through the night

*** Trendy champagne- & winebar

*** Lounge & relax area

*** Gadgets

*** Loads of surprises during the night

The Anno team works hard to give every attender a five star treatment.
We are looking forward to welcome you all at Anno2015!


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